Welcome to the Columbus Masonic Lodge


About Our Lodge

Our lodge is located in beautiful downtown Columbus, Wisconsin, a community nestled among gently rolling hills, woodlands, and the Crawfish River. Our Lodge has a rich heritage and was chartered on June 12, 1856. Our Lodge presents itself proudly in the community as a part of an almost perfect portrait of the late 19th century township.

The warrant of this lodge is a charter granted on the 12th day of June A.D. 1856, A.L 5856, by the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Wisconsin, to the constitution, laws, and edicts whereof the most explicit respect and obedience shall ever be paid by this lodge and its members.

Our lodge members, masons within our community foster brotherhood and endeavor to guide daily lives through the principles of freemasonry. We are interested in fellowship. We believe in Freemasonry’s First Tenet – Brotherly Love. Freemasons are hungry for knowledge about masonry and if you are so inclined, please enjoy our website.

“Today, I learned the great secret of Freemasonry. It’s to do good and not tell about it.”

Masonry is Friendship

Masonry is Friendship—friendship, first, with the great Companion, of whom our own hearts tell us, who is always nearer to us than we are to our-selves, and whose inspiration and help is the greatest fact of human experience. To be in harmony with His purposes, to be open to His suggestions, to be conscious of fellowship with Him—this is Masonry on its Godward side. Then, turning man-ward, friendship sums it all up. To be friends with all men, however they may differ from us in creed, color, or condition; to fill every human relation with the spirit of friendship; is there anything more or better than this that the wisest and best of men can hope to do? Such is the spirit of Masonry; such is its ideal, and if to realize it all at once is denied us, surely it means much to see it, love it, and labor to make it come true.

— The Builders, by Joseph Fort Newton, [1914]- p. 285